Who gets your assets when you die? Without a will it might not be who you think…

A 2019 study found that two-thirds of people in the UK don't have a will - equivalent to 27.8 million people - and that 47% of over-55s have failed to arrange one.

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i-Wire: Market Update 13th May

i-Wire: Market Update 13th May   Market Update: The Ghosts of Markets Past We are still a very long way from clarity as to the long-term consequences of the pandemic as this dreadful virus continues to totally dominate the news flow, and of course our lives too.  After some thoughts on the current and seemingly contradictory messages the markets are sending, I’ll turn instead to what they aren’t thinking about now but could well do so in the coming months once they begin to look beyond the pandemic (clue is in the title!). Markets As usual, I’ve included a chart that shows the returns from markets in their own currency and a table which shows the sector fund average return which for overseas sectors includes the translation back into sterling. As the pound has been weak this year this enhances returns from overseas markets making the US even more of a winner, and the poor old UK look even more of a loser. IA Sector Average 2020 ytd (%) UK All Companies -22.5 UK Equity Income -24.1 Europe ex-UK -14.2 North America -4.3 Japan -8.0 Asia Pacific ex-Japan -9.4 Global Emerging Markets -15.4 UK Gilts 10.0 UK Index-Linked Gilts 9.0 [...]

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