Frequently Asked Questions

HFMC Wealth specialises in delivering financial planning and wealth management advice.

As well as addressing simple and straightforward issues such as arranging mortgages and life insurance, we can help to resolve more complex problems for clients.  We are experienced in providing Inheritance Tax, retirement and Cash flow planning advice. The latter is particularly important in helping to answer questions such as “How much do I need to achieve my objectives?” , “When can I afford to retire” or “How can I best structure my wealth for the next generation”.

We are able to offer planning only relationships where third parties manage the investment assets.

In general, we provide reliable and expert advice for individuals and businesses seeking to achieve  five principal financial objectives:

  • To co-ordinate and organise your financial affairs, acting as your Personal Finance Director

  • To build and preserve your capital

  • To manage your cash and borrowings

  • To protect you and your family against financial risk

  • To manage your business more effectively

HFMC Wealth has been selected as the preferred wealth management partner of the Porsche Club of Great Britain (‘PCGB’) for its members.

Our connections to the motoring world go beyond the PCGB too, having been lead sponsor of the exclusive 2017 Veloce motoring event at the Goodwood motor circuit.  We are proud to renew our association with Veloce for 2018 which aims to raise £100,000 for charities including the Henry Surtees Foundation.

There is no ‘typical’ HFMC Wealth client as everybody’s needs and objectives are different. Our clients are predominantly professionals, affluent individuals, trustees, business owners and entrepreneurs.  They are frequently time poor and are seeking financial planning and investment management advice.

They may be looking for advice, or are simply trying to simplify their affairs by delegating to trusted advisers. Ultimately we believe that any relationship must be mutually beneficial.

We work with a wide range of individuals, families and trusts and look after over 1,400 client families.

A cash flow plan is a projection, a model, a forecast of what is likely to happen in the future based on  your current assets, income, liabilities and spending. Using our best assumptions for investment returns, future inflation and changes to personal allowances we can create a financial plan which will illustrate the most likely outcome, we can then assess whether or not you will be able to achieve your goals, whatever they may be, as well as identify any possible issues that could arise along the way.

Unlike the calculators available online, which allow for only the most basic adjustments, the financial plans we produce are individual, personalised and detailed, and also take into account the impact of tax.  They can reflect the changes you might make in your financial life on a year to year basis. This way you can, for example, judge when you can afford to retire, or switch to part-time status, gift assets or make a luxury purchase.

Like lawyers and accountants or any other professional we are remunerated for our time and expertise by charging fees.  Our value to you lies in our advice, and is not aligned to a product.  We are completely independent in the recommendations that we make, irrespective of whether you decide to proceed with our advice.

An easy question that is hard to answer.  The level of any fee will depend on the size, type and complexity of your financial affairs as well as the level of service that you are seeking from us. We seek to offer value to all clients, irrespective of the service level they require, whether it be a periodic review or a high touch, high value service. We do not charge for an initial exploratory meeting will agree any costs with you before starting any work.

We are often able to arrange for our fees to be facilitated through the solutions we recommend, where appropriate. This is typically a percentage based fee for initial and on-going work. Minimum fees for new clients begin at £3,000 per annum for financial planning and investment advice.

As an example, a client with £750,000 of assets under advice would be paying in the region of 1% p.a. for their investment advice services and financial planning services combined.  Please contact us to discuss our charging structure and services further.

No, we don’t as we do provide planning only advice services.  We believe though that our services are particularly effective for those with at least £500,000 of liquid, investment and pension assets or those who will shortly attain such a level.  Our average portfolio size varies by adviser.  We seek to match advisers to your needs.

Chartered status is an objective mark of professional standing among all professions. It is awarded to firms who can demonstrate commitment to developing knowledge, enhancing capability and maintaining ethical standards. The title Chartered Financial Planners is granted by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), the professional body for insurance and financial planning. There are fewer than 500 firms that have attained this standard in the UK and we are proud to be one of them.

Learn more about Chartered Financial Planners

To retain our title we must ensure the advice, service and ongoing support we provide to you are of the highest quality. Our advice must be based solely on your researched needs, and provided by someone competent to discuss products and services that meet your requirements. We ensure our technical and professional knowledge and competence through professional qualifications. We keep our knowledge and skills up-to-date through continuing professional development. Our staff must be members of the Personal Finance Society and comply with its Code of Ethics, which is enforced through disciplinary sanctions.

Our Chartered title means a lot to us. It was not easily achieved, and it takes continuous investment in customer service and commitment to professionalism to maintain. It is our policy to maintain these standards, and your guarantee of our overall commitment to customer service and professionalism.

Our directors’ investments are invested according to the same philosophy that we recommend to our clients.

We think that this is important because it shows that we practice what we preach. We wholeheartedly believe that the philosophy that we promote is the right way to invest. We would be apprehensive of making an investment with a manager who does not operate in this way.

Please contact us for an initial meeting. This will be typically be held at our office and will be at our cost. The meeting will enable you and us to decide whether we wish to work together and we are confident that you will find the meeting valuable.

PCGB members can either call us on 0203 958 0911, or complete the enquiry form on our PCGB webpage on our website.

Please provide us with as much information as possible so that we can direct you to the most appropriate adviser to meet your needs.  As we believe in building long term relationships our initial conversation and selection of an appropriate adviser is key.  Given that our financial advice frequently involves specialists we ask that you allow up to 24 hours to get in touch where an adviser is not immediately available to discuss your needs.