• 1986
    01Vision of comprehensive
    financial planning

    1986 - Origins

    The origins of the Group date back to the mid-1980s when CEO Jeremy Hoyland resigned from the trading desk at Bankers Trust, now part of Deutsche Bank, with a simple vision of providing comprehensive financial planning for individual families.

  • 1987
    02Independent financial adviser  

    1987 - Setting up

    Embracing the beginning of real regulation in 1987, Hoyland swam against the tide of firms becoming restricted, setting up as an independent financial adviser (HFM), with his wife Jacqueline as a partner.

  • 1992
    03Focus on total client care  

    1992 - Highest quality

    Inheriting a genetic mix of the fierce independence of his artist father, Royal Academician John Hoyland, (described by Damien Hirst as “easily the greatest British abstract painter”) and the Finnish trait of “sisu”, loosely translated as the “grit” of his economics graduate, Finnish mother, Hoyland set about what he described in his journal in 1992, as his ambition of building “the highest quality financial management business in the country”.  He went on to write that “it would focus on total client care, objectivity and independence, continual monitoring of all assets, and be at the forefront of product development.

  • 1995
    04Client-centric care  

    1995 - Wealth management breakthrough

    The “wealth management breakthrough” came with the realisation that HFM’s differentiator would be to become totally “client-centric”. Translated, this meant a focus on planning and service as distinct from product.  This led to the recognition that a comprehensive client service proposition would need to be developed, providing a full circle of services. Administrators, technicians and other advisers were steadily added, most of whom remain with the firm today.  The expertise of the firm expanded to cover specialist investments such as property syndicates, hedge funds and later private equity and other specialist investments, supplementing mainstream investment vehicles, to cater for the needs of an increasingly sophisticated client base.

  • 2000
    05Mortgage broking & employee benefits  

    2000 - First acquisition

    Saw the first acquisition, adding mortgage broking expertise with first co-director, Gary Festa coming on board. An employee benefits division headed up by Jason Lines was started from scratch as a new venture.

  • 2003
    06HFM & Columbus Financial Advisers  

    2003 - Seminal association

    Saw the beginning of a seminal association of HFM with Columbus Financial Advisers. Columbus had complementary values, clients and skills.

  • 2008
    07HFMC formed  

    2008 - Formation of HFMC Wealth

    Saw the formation of the HFMC Wealth and careful shepherding of client assets through the difficult years of the financial crash. Marcus Carlton joins the combined business having previously led Columbus.

  • 2010
    08Cost-effective wealth management solution  

    2010 - HFMC Quadrant™

    Foreseeing pressure on returns and costs for our clients, HFMC Wealth developed a vertically integrated business adding an in-house discretionary management service and custodian. This reduced costs and enhanced returns enjoyed by our clients.   Our recurring revenues have grown almost sixfold since then, ensuring we are profitable and able to be here long into the future.  Something that is very important to our clients.

  • 2011
    09HFMC group achieve corporate chartered status  

    2011 - Corporate chartered status

    The advisory firms in the HFMC group achieved and have ever since retained “Corporate Chartered Status”.  Our Chartered title evidences our commitment to excellence and professionalism.

  • 2014
    10Tailored asset management  

    2014 - Comprehensive holistic financial planning

    HFMC Wealth offers a comprehensive and holistic financial planning service including use of lifetime cashflows, HFMC MoneyMap™ careful responsible tax planning and tailored asset management.  This is underpinned by a comprehensive range of model portfolios, available both onshore and offshore, held in sterling and a number of foreign currencies. The thriving employee benefits unit, bolstered by further acquisition, continues to deliver services to companies with the same client central focus as the private wealth division.

  • 2016
    11Assets under advice approaching £1bn  

    2016 - Comprehensive asset management

    Multiple support model portfolios providing multi asset, multi currency both onshore and offshore.

  • 2017
    12Flagship London Office  

    2017 - Relocate to new London office

    Our new flagship London office is opened to facilitate the provision of the group’s services to a rapidly increasing client base, almost all derived from word-of-mouth referrals from existing clients and other professionals.

  • 2018
    13HFMC is looking forward  

    2018 - Building on success

    Now with almost 25% of the staff being shareholders, HFMC Wealth is looking forward to leveraging our position as one of the most advanced proponents of the provision of comprehensive wealth management, delivered with a planning led focus. Our Private Office service helps more complex families achieve the successful execution of their long-term financial plans. HFMC Wealth has a 10 year vision with regard to the next phase of its growth, totally rooted in our desire to create “the highest quality financial management business in the country”.

  • 2018
    14HFMC is growing  

    2018 - HFMC Growth & Partnerships

    HFMC Wealth acquired Generic Financial Management for £3m, adding 270 clients and £150m of assets under advice and management to its books. The deal has also saw a number of new recruits added to the team as well as £950,000 of annual recurring revenue. This year we were appointed by the Porsche Club of Great Britain (PCGB) as its Official Partner for the provision of Wealth Management Services to Club Members because of our common interest in values and professionalism, and of course – the Marque!

  • 2019
    15Ranked as one of the Top 100 IFAs  

    2019 - Award Winner

    During this year we were really very proud to receive awards for being ranked as one of the Top 100 IFAs in the UK, second in the Top 10 firms with the most assets under advice,  and most importantly the winner of the Best Financial Advisers to Work For award!

  • 2019
    16Positive Impact Portfolios  

    2019 - Positive Impact Portfolios

    We launch an ethical range of portfolios, available to both discretionary and advisory clients.

  • 2020
    17Ranked as one of the Top 100 IFAs  

    2020 - Winner of Financial Adviser of the Year

    South East Region from CityWire New Model Adviser.

  • 2020
    18Continuing to grow  

    2020 - Acquisition of Aspinalls Group

    Aspinalls is delighted to announce that it has joined the HFMC Wealth group of companies.