Floating balloons with FTAdviser’s 2021 Top 100 Financial Advisers logoWe are proud to announce that we are, for the third year in a row, ranked in the FTAdviser.com’s Top 100 Financial Advisers 2021. The FTAdviser’s 2021 Top 100 Financial Advisers list uses quantifiable and objective data to provide an annual ranking of the best advisory firms from across the UK.

The 2021 list of the UK’s top 100 financial advisers list ranks firms by looking at factors that are key to investors seeking the best person to assist them with their finances. One notable change to these calculations for 2021 is the increased focus on companies who are either chartered by the CII or accredited by the CISI. These awards are judged by a range of factors, not just how much new investment the advice firm has brought in.

Full data breakdown of the list will be released shortly

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