James Scott DipPFS

Who do I work with? My clients for over 25 years have come from a wide variety of sectors including large tech, professional services, investment professionals and successful entrepreneurs in the media and creative fields.  Despite the obvious differences in profession, they all share one thing in common which is an understanding that working with a trusted financial planner to give them insights into their own and their families wealth is an invaluable tool in planning for the future. It’s a privilege to work with so many great clients and I’ve always enjoyed finding solutions for them in both the good times and the occasional bad times that life brings. My aim has and always will be to repay the trust they show in HFMC and me with energy and passion on finding tailored and bespoke solutions specifically designed for them. About me? I confess that my career in financial

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Mark Creed APFS

Who do I work with? I work in close partnership with my clients. I advise wealthy clients from all walks and stages of life. My clients recognise the need for advice over their wealth, to protect and grow their wealth for the benefit of them and their family. I am fortunate to have worked with the same clients for two decades and whom have been clients of the firm, in some cases since the 1980’s. About me? Married with two children, I graduated in 1997 and entered financial services in late 1999. I have worked at a large national firm along with boutique wealth management firms and have advised a wide range of clients from those starting out, to those who have retired. Time away from work is spent enjoying life with my family and when time and my body allows, playing football and tennis.

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Mark Morris FPFS

Who do I work with? My typical clients are looking to build towards their retirement or, if already in retirement, looking to preserve their lifestyle and make their money work for them. Thus, I specialise in investment planning, pre- and post-retirement planning and inheritance tax planning; whilst aiming to meet any specific life objectives along the way. I take an analytical approach to providing advice. My aim is to become a long-term trusted adviser for all my clients and their families, focussing on the bigger picture to meet their needs whilst taking the “pain” of financial planning minutiae off their plates. About me? I graduated from Exeter University in 1997 and have worked in Financial Services ever since. I have always worked for independent financial adviser firms, something I feel is important when providing advice. I joined HFMC Wealth in 2014, where the client focussed, family friendly and professional culture

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Paul Short Chartered FCSI

Who do I work with? I predominantly advise legal professionals – High Court Judges, Silks and Partners in the leading law firms but I also advise several entrepreneurs. About me? I joined Nat West Group in 1978, moved “in group” to Coutts in 1996 and after all banks opted to provide advice tied to their own products, I joined HFMC Wealth in 2021 to ensure that my clients receive independent and totally impartial advice. Away from the office I enjoy music, football, travelling but most importantly of all – my family and it’s four generations.

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Leon Blake DipPFS

Who do I work with? I work with clients and families in setting and then managing their financial goals, giving them more time to focus on what is most important to them. Understanding what has brought a client to where they are currently and what they are looking for in the future is necessary to successfully begin planning to build the financially sustainable lifestyle we all aim for. About me? Having graduated from the University of Warwick in 2001, I entered the independent advice sector and have worked my way from a temporary administrative support role to qualified Financial Adviser. In 2009 I joined HFMC Wealth and since then I have been able to grow further as a Private Client Adviser with the help of the great range of internal services and expertise available, which has only benefitted the clients I work with. Away from the office, I have a

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Kev Burns DipPFS

Who do I work with? I work alongside Marcus Carlton providing advice to a range of clients who are cohesive in knowing what is important about money to them and can articulate their future goals which will take money and planning to achieve. Our planning process is quite unique as it has been created with the aim of understanding our clients core values and deepest aspirations first and foremost. We have reshaped the traditional advice delivery and modernised the conversation to deliver a first-class, client centric experience without the industry jargon. Naturally, I thoroughly enjoy working with clients who are willing to be openminded, trust the process, and are assured in knowing they are at the heart of everything I do. The value I add enhances my client’s future, by reducing time spent worrying on finances, and spending more time living. If you are intrigued by our process and would

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James Geard

Who do I work with? At HFMC we deliver high quality, bespoke financial solutions built on a core of integrity, commitment and service. Clients tend to have an income which places them in a higher or additional rate of tax, or who have investable capital. Clients are Individuals and business owners who are already successful in their careers /businesses. Working in partnership together, we develop strategic financial, personal and foundation plans that enable them to achieve their life goals and realise their dreams. Each solution offered is tailormade to the client’s personal and financial objectives. We identify these together through a thorough and sensitive process of discovery, from which comes real understanding of what matters to them most. A shared challenge with the majority of, particularly new clients, is the absence of a co-ordinated financial planning strategy capable of delivering their ideal lifestyle outcomes. As a highly experienced financial planner

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Edward Wilby FPFS

Who do I work with? My clients are a diverse group, from successful individuals to business owners, who are planning for their futures and now looking for guidance managing their wealth for, and in, retirement. I have built up close relationships with clients over many years, and I enjoy sharing in significant milestones in their lives. Taking the time to really get to know my clients and understand what matters most to them means that they see me as someone they can trust. My aim is to help clients to put together a financial plan where I am able to genuinely deliver the financial outcomes that the client is looking for. I always strive to ensure that people understand the financial decisions they are making and what they need to do to achieve their goals. It gives me a deep sense of satisfaction when clients leave a meeting feeling energized

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Chris Wade APFS

Who do I work with? I work alongside James Geard and Edward Wilby as their technical support. About me? I graduated with a BA Hons Business Studies degree in 2001 and have worked in a number of support roles in financial services industry over the last 20 + years. I joined HFMC Wealth in 2016 and have worked solely with James until Edward joined the team in 2020. I feel that one of the strengths of being the technical support is building a good relationship with the clients, as you are constantly involved with their financial planning needs. Outside of work I keep fit by running 2 to 3 times a week.

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