Vince Lane FPFS

Who do I work with? I work in close partnership with my clients. I advise on clients from all walks of life including Medical, Media, Sports, Entertainment and Professionals who have very busy lives. Regardless of background all like to find a Trusted Adviser who can assist them with their planning to secure their Future Wellbeing. About me? I graduated in 1981 and joined a graduate programme in Financial Services. Following this in 1985 I established a directly authorised Financial Services business in conjunction with a Firm of West End accountants. In 1988, having gained a wealth of experience with both individual and corporate clients I joined R & S Associates as a Partner.  During this time I continued to develop Professional Connections with Accountants and Solicitors, advising both individual and corporate clients. I chose to ally R&S Associates with HFMC Wealth in 2023 so that I could provide a

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Ross Ibbotson

Who do I work with? I am lucky enough to have a small number of incredible clients who I enjoy helping particularly at important junctions in their lives. They are interesting and successful people who have helped me gain a broad understanding of the challenges they face and the ways they meet those challenges. Primarily my clients are professional investors and their families, interesting people that I like to spend time with. It is a vast range from investment bankers, tech professional and entrepreneurs to partners at the Big Four. About me? In addition to my private client work, I am an Executive Director at HFMC having joined the board in 2012 where I am responsible alongside the Executive Board for the strategic growth of the business.  I’m also a member of the HFMC investment board, providing oversight of our investor solutions, with a particular focus on our alternative investment

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Sebastian Gladwish DipPFS

Who do I work with? My clients are diverse and range from young professionals, to those looking to manage their wealth for retirement. There are also those clients who have experienced various life events, such as divorce or a death in the family, which of course can be overwhelming for the individuals and significantly affect their financial plans. About me? My belief was I shouldn’t go to university unless I knew exactly what I want to do for my career and it required a degree as I was eager to begin adult life and didn’t want the added student tax burden. Therefore, I finished college in 2010 and started work in hospitality to get me going whilst I worked out what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life! After buying my first property three years later, I had realised my passion for personal finance should be

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Phil Patient FPFS

Who do I work with? I am privileged to work with clients I respect and admire; creating smart solutions for them and helping them mould their wealth to their lives, sharing their amazing life journeys along the way. I specialise in cash flow planning, asset structuring, pension transfers along with the technicalities of estate and succession planning. About me I am married with two children, having met my wife overseas whilst living in Japan. I love great wine, fantastic food and enjoy watching rugby and playing tennis. I am straight talking, and am inspired to help people use their wealth to be good to themselves and compassionate to others. I volunteer with the Personal Finance Society to help educate young children about finance and am an Ambassador for Insuring Women’s Futures, seeking to bring financial equality for women. Other qualifications • Fellow of Personal Finance Society (FPFS)

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