Animesh Shrestha CTA

Who do I work with? I work with private clients who require personalised and high-quality tax compliance and advisory services. Our clients have varied backgrounds and to name a few, they are business executives, consultants, investors (including for example, property investors, angel investors, venture capital investors), retirees, non-residents, businessperson, professionals (including for example, finance, legal, accounting, private equity etc). About me? I qualified as a Chartered Tax Adviser working for EY (one of the big four accounting firms globally) as a member of its private client services team and providing services to high-net-worth individuals as well as global law firms operating in the UK as professional partnerships. Over the last 19 years, I have had the opportunity to work for small, medium as well as one of the largest professional services firms in the world. I have worked as part of the HFMC Wealth Group for the last 13 years

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Vince Lane FPFS

Who do I work with? I work in close partnership with my clients. I advise on clients from all walks of life including Medical, Media, Sports, Entertainment and Professionals who have very busy lives. Regardless of background all like to find a Trusted Adviser who can assist them with their planning to secure their Future Wellbeing. About me? I graduated in 1981 and joined a graduate programme in Financial Services. Following this in 1985 I established a directly authorised Financial Services business in conjunction with a Firm of West End accountants. In 1988, having gained a wealth of experience with both individual and corporate clients I joined R & S Associates as a Partner.  During this time I continued to develop Professional Connections with Accountants and Solicitors, advising both individual and corporate clients. I chose to ally R&S Associates with HFMC Wealth in 2023 so that I could provide a

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Louise Shepherd APFS

Who do I work with? I have worked in the financial services industry for over 10 years, providing bespoke financial planning and wealth management services to individuals and families from all different backgrounds. I work in partnership with my clients to provide clarity and peace of mind, empowering them to be confident in their financial decisions both now and for the future.   Taking the time to listen and understand my clients’ financial goals and lifetime ambitions allows me to construct a robust financial plan tailored exclusively to their needs. About me? After graduating from the University of Exeter with a Mathematics and Economics degree, I joined the Financial Services industry in 2011 as I was passionate about helping individuals make the best decisions about their finances. I began my career at a boutique Independent Financial Planning firm and moved through the various support and paraplanner roles as my studies

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Ross Ibbotson

Who do I work with? I am lucky enough to have a small number of incredible clients who I enjoy helping particularly at important junctions in their lives. They are interesting and successful people who have helped me gain a broad understanding of the challenges they face and the ways they meet those challenges. Primarily my clients are professional investors and their families, interesting people that I like to spend time with. It is a vast range from investment bankers, tech professional and entrepreneurs to partners at the Big Four. About me? In addition to my private client work, I am an Executive Director at HFMC having joined the board in 2012 where I am responsible alongside the Executive Board for the strategic growth of the business.  I’m also a member of the HFMC investment board, providing oversight of our investor solutions, with a particular focus on our alternative investment

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Marcus Carlton FPFS

Who do I work with? Financially successful people who see the value in delegating. If you are like many financially successful people then time will be at a premium. Me and my team of experts will help you to get your entire financial house in perfect order removing the stress and legwork involved. We will take on board your most important priorities and goals and ensure that you are on track to achieving them. About me? I have dedicated my entire career, over 40 years now, to helping people navigate the financial world. I hate jargon, pompous financial professionals and unnecessary complexity. My father was a highly successful financial planner back when most people didn’t even know there was such a thing. Growing up in a financially literate household and being exposed to some of his amazing and inspirational clients ensured I would follow in his footsteps. More recently I

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Edward Wilby FPFS

Who do I work with? My clients are a diverse group, from successful individuals to business owners, who are planning for their futures and now looking for guidance managing their wealth for, and in, retirement. I have built up close relationships with clients over many years, and I enjoy sharing in significant milestones in their lives. Taking the time to really get to know my clients and understand what matters most to them means that they see me as someone they can trust. My aim is to help clients to put together a financial plan where I am able to genuinely deliver the financial outcomes that the client is looking for. I always strive to ensure that people understand the financial decisions they are making and what they need to do to achieve their goals. It gives me a deep sense of satisfaction when clients leave a meeting feeling energized

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David Andrews

Who do I work with? My team and I provide a small number of international and domestic private clients and families with an holistic wealth management service, combining planning, investment management, tax mitigation and the coordination of the family or individual’s professional advisers. We specialise in advising UK nationals living abroad as well as non-domiciled individuals living here in the UK. We are one of a handful of adviser firms which can accommodate clients who have US tax filing obligations. We have a predominance of clients from the investment banking community, along with others from a variety of backgrounds and the common feature of most is that they are busy people, seeking to protect their wealth so as to provide sufficient liquidity during their lifetimes and to pass assets on effectively and tax-efficiently to the next generation. About me I am a founding partner of what is now HFMC Wealth,

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