Paul Jones DipFA

Who do I work with? My team and I specialise in taking care of families that have generational wealth and individual clients that request bespoke financial planning. I value having strong and long-standing relationships with my clients and they frequently recommend not only me but the broader HFMC offering to others. About me? One of the key reasons I joined HFMC Wealth in June 2013 was because of the company’s ethics and values which completely align with my own and that of my clients. The integrity, consideration and support that HFMC Wealth provides are the perfect complement to its professionalism and high-calibre teams. Beyond work, I enjoy travelling with my family, learning about the history and geopolitics of the places we visit, walking our dog and collecting Aboriginal art. Another key interest of mine is the educational system in West Africa (The Gambia) and I am personally supporting the education

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Jeremy Hoyland

Who do I work with? Having founded the HFMC Group in 1987 with a simple vision of providing comprehensive financial planning for individual families, I have since gained a wealth of experience dealing with both ultra-high and individual high net worth UK and Offshore families. Whilst most of my clients are UK resident, they often tend to be complex with multi-jurisdictional issues. My clients will often be time poor due to the demands of their life and are looking for somebody that they can trust, and that they can confidently delegate to, giving them time back in the knowledge that their financial affairs will be well looked after. I seek to simplify the complex, where appropriate, so that financial affairs can be better managed and understood. Having built relationships with many clients for decades I will often work with several generations of family to ensure that everyone experiences total care,

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Marcus Carlton FPFS

Who do I work with? Financially successful people who see the value in delegating. If you are like many financially successful people then time will be at a premium. Me and my team of experts will help you to get your entire financial house in perfect order removing the stress and legwork involved. We will take on board your most important priorities and goals and ensure that you are on track to achieving them. About me? I have dedicated my entire career, over 40 years now, to helping people navigate the financial world. I hate jargon, pompous financial professionals and unnecessary complexity. My father was a highly successful financial planner back when most people didn’t even know there was such a thing. Growing up in a financially literate household and being exposed to some of his amazing and inspirational clients ensured I would follow in his footsteps. More recently I

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Gina Garman-Jarratt

Who do I work with? With many years of experience in international financial planning, clients who seek my advice are typically non domiciled or have an international dimension to their lives. I provide private clients and families with a framework for their wealth that is portable and tax efficient across jurisdictions. In addition to providing long-term wealth management solutions, I have an expertise in international pension plans. About me Many years of working in international private banking has provided a solid base for my knowledge of residency and domicile, offshore pensions, trusts and estate planning. Collaborating with leading international tax lawyers enables me to coordinate my advice with legal and tax considerations in different jurisdictions. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute to the success of HFMC Wealth’s International proposition and while knowledge and experience have provided a necessary foundation for this, I believe that getting to

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Simon Kelly FPFS

Who do I work with? Focussing on holistic advice to high net worth individuals to help you and your family reach lifetime goals; encouraging engagement and implementing sound achievable financial plans that best make use of the tax and investment avenues available to you. It all starts with you and what do you want? About me? After Physics with Space Science at Uni I joined a pension company. They gave me a project that turned into a department and a team of 6 to run and were really supportive. Then I passed the financial advisor exams and moved to London with my wife to start as an Advisor in 2000. That new company encouraged me for 6 great years and I realised how lucky I was to get 2 brilliant bosses on the run. And then a third fabulous boss when I joined HFMC Wealth back in 2006; despite telling

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David Andrews

Who do I work with? My team and I provide a small number of international and domestic private clients and families with an holistic wealth management service, combining planning, investment management, tax mitigation and the coordination of the family or individual’s professional advisers. We specialise in advising UK nationals living abroad as well as non-domiciled individuals living here in the UK. We are one of a handful of adviser firms which can accommodate clients who have US tax filing obligations. We have a predominance of clients from the investment banking community, along with others from a variety of backgrounds and the common feature of most is that they are busy people, seeking to protect their wealth so as to provide sufficient liquidity during their lifetimes and to pass assets on effectively and tax-efficiently to the next generation. About me I am a founding partner of what is now HFMC Wealth,

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