Vince Lane FPFS

Who do I work with? I work in close partnership with my clients. I advise on clients from all walks of life including Medical, Media, Sports, Entertainment and Professionals who have very busy lives. Regardless of background all like to find a Trusted Adviser who can assist them with their planning to secure their Future Wellbeing. About me? I graduated in 1981 and joined a graduate programme in Financial Services. Following this in 1985 I established a directly authorised Financial Services business in conjunction with a Firm of West End accountants. In 1988, having gained a wealth of experience with both individual and corporate clients I joined R & S Associates as a Partner.  During this time I continued to develop Professional Connections with Accountants and Solicitors, advising both individual and corporate clients. I chose to ally R&S Associates with HFMC Wealth in 2023 so that I could provide a

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Philip Kingscott DipPFS

Who do I work with? I have been involved in Financial Services for 30 years. I help individuals, families and business make sound financial decisions to help achieve their goals. I work mainly with clients in the Southeast of England and I have a strong relation with Accountants and Solicitors where many of my client referrals emanate. My advice is provided in a fee basis with the first consultation carried out on a non-cost no obligation basis. I utilise the latest financial planning software to demonstrate the initial plan which is then reviewed regularly to ensure it remains on track. About me? Outside of work I enjoy most sports but other than golf I tend to be a taxi service for my children’s sporting activity.

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Mark Morris FPFS

Who do I work with? My typical clients are looking to build towards their retirement or, if already in retirement, looking to preserve their lifestyle and make their money work for them. Thus, I specialise in investment planning, pre- and post-retirement planning and inheritance tax planning; whilst aiming to meet any specific life objectives along the way. I take an analytical approach to providing advice. My aim is to become a long-term trusted adviser for all my clients and their families, focussing on the bigger picture to meet their needs whilst taking the “pain” of financial planning minutiae off their plates. About me? I graduated from Exeter University in 1997 and have worked in Financial Services ever since. I have always worked for independent financial adviser firms, something I feel is important when providing advice. I joined HFMC Wealth in 2014, where the client focussed, family friendly and professional culture

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Marcus Carlton FPFS

Who do I work with? Financially successful people who see the value in delegating. If you are like many financially successful people then time will be at a premium. Me and my team of experts will help you to get your entire financial house in perfect order removing the stress and legwork involved. We will take on board your most important priorities and goals and ensure that you are on track to achieving them. About me? I have dedicated my entire career, over 40 years now, to helping people navigate the financial world. I hate jargon, pompous financial professionals and unnecessary complexity. My father was a highly successful financial planner back when most people didn’t even know there was such a thing. Growing up in a financially literate household and being exposed to some of his amazing and inspirational clients ensured I would follow in his footsteps. More recently I

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Tom Hopson FPFS

Who do I work with? I work with a wide variety of people and families, all of whom are connected by a common thread of wanting to take control of their financial lives by reaching financial independence. Whether that be a young family wanting to protect and build their financial future, those approaching retirement and even those in the later stages of their life needing care. It is sometimes all too easy to get lost in the technical nature of finance, whether it be minimising tax, getting the best investment return or just understanding what a pension actually is! I work with my clients to take things back to basics, focusing on what is important in their lives and using that as the guiding compass for creating a financial strategy with the sole aim of helping them achieve the things that mean the most to them. My relationships involve an

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Simon Kelly FPFS

Who do I work with? Focussing on holistic advice to high net worth individuals to help you and your family reach lifetime goals; encouraging engagement and implementing sound achievable financial plans that best make use of the tax and investment avenues available to you. It all starts with you and what do you want? About me? After Physics with Space Science at Uni I joined a pension company. They gave me a project that turned into a department and a team of 6 to run and were really supportive. Then I passed the financial advisor exams and moved to London with my wife to start as an Advisor in 2000. That new company encouraged me for 6 great years and I realised how lucky I was to get 2 brilliant bosses on the run. And then a third fabulous boss when I joined HFMC Wealth back in 2006; despite telling

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Phil Patient FPFS

Who do I work with? I am privileged to work with clients I respect and admire; creating smart solutions for them and helping them mould their wealth to their lives, sharing their amazing life journeys along the way. I specialise in cash flow planning, asset structuring, pension transfers along with the technicalities of estate and succession planning. About me I am married with two children, having met my wife overseas whilst living in Japan. I love great wine, fantastic food and enjoy watching rugby and playing tennis. I am straight talking, and am inspired to help people use their wealth to be good to themselves and compassionate to others. I volunteer with the Personal Finance Society to help educate young children about finance and am an Ambassador for Insuring Women’s Futures, seeking to bring financial equality for women. Other qualifications • Fellow of Personal Finance Society (FPFS)

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