The Wire: Autumn 2021Planning in the months ahead

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Planning in the months ahead

The next few weeks and months will come with more change – whether it’s returning to the office, or your children and grandchildren returning to school and University. Maybe it’s thoughts around the upcoming budget or Winter Statement (we don’t which as yet) and implications for CGT, IHT or pension planning. If it’s the latter, we are here to help, with our financial advice always firmly rooted in the context of your wider personal goals and challenges.

In this issue, we look specifically at whether gifting your child money might be better than paying off their student loans, as well as looking at the buy-to-let property vs pension debate. We also have a case study on solving a tricky client financial problem and some topical comment on space-bound billionaires.

In the issue, I also reflect a little on the challenges of today in the context of past times that my family have personally experienced, thinking about what people did then and what we can do today to make sense of the world, despite the challenges we continue to face. I hope you will enjoy this short read.

HFMC Matters

Over the coming months, we expect most of our meetings to remain digital as so many of you and our staff alike have valued the additional time and cost savings of so doing, as well the complete safety this engenders.

Nonetheless, over the last few weeks we have welcomed some of you back to our revamped London offices (on a safe and limited basis) and we intend to continue doing so during the autumn as needed.

To improve the safety of our London office, we have installed a new fresh air system throughout the building. We have also updated our meeting rooms with some of the latest technology to allow us to present better to you in person, or indeed virtually or when some can make a meeting physically and others cannot. Similar technology and safety measures have been put in place at the Weybridge office.

Earlier this year, we found out that we are once again a winner of the ‘Best Financial Advisor to Work for’ award, this time for the 2021 year. What is so special about this award is that it is based on employee feedback relating to individual experiences of working with us, including views on the quality of leadership, culture and communications, role satisfaction and opportunities for career progression, and overall trust and engagement with the business. We scored incredibly highly across all areas.

Winning the 2021 award has a special significance as it covers the 2020 year when we faced unique challenges in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The award-based survey showed that 100% of our people felt we responded positively to these challenges and we have taken forward many of these positives, for example, increasing our focus on helpful new technology, creating fairness and flexibility across all role types in our business, and continuing to support positive work-life balance and mental health.

Our smart, motivated and inspirational people help not only our clients, but each other to achieve success, and this has helped us to retain our family values as we have grown as a business. Focus on culture and values for our clients and our people remains a top priority and winning this award a second time reflects our commitment to being both the best financial planners and the best employer we can be. We are proud that our staff feel that the culture we have built is entirely welcoming, helpful and supportive.

We look forward to continuing to support them in their careers and you with your lifetime goals for many years to come.

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