How we work with you

In our experience, the very best wealth and asset managers should have:

  • The ability to identify a client’s real needs

  • The imagination to conceive creative solutions

  • Clear judgement to see what is right for you

  • Resources to implement a sound strategy

  • The commitment to maintain and develop that strategy flexibly through to its fruition on a long term basis

We believe that following a structured approach gives you the greatest chance of achieving your goals.  That means it is important to have a robust plan and a clear strategy.

Understanding you

As you would expect, our starting point is to understand what you are trying to achieve and how able you are to presently achieve those goals.  Understanding your requirements begins with thoughtful listening and asking informed and insightful questions. Given that everyone has different needs, values and desires we will have one or more meetings with you to gather information until we are able to understand what your requirements are and whether these are achievable either with, or without, planning.

Developing your strategy

We seek to develop your strategy through conversations with you, involving our in-house experts in the wider HFMC group, and external advisers where necessary.  This might be to review existing investments, or perhaps to help arrange a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney.

Through the use of Lifetime Cashflow planning we are able to test your strategy to see the impact and sensitivity to changes in market conditions or your personal circumstances. We want you to understand both the risks and opportunities in your financial planning so that you are always in an informed position.  One person may be prepared to take risks that another would not contemplate.  We want you to understand any associated risks and to discuss how they could be mitigated.

Recommending Solutions

We are independent.  This means that we give impartial, unrestricted advice that considers every financial product on the relevant market. Unlike many advisers, we do not have any agreements with providers to only recommend their products.  We are agnostic as to which solution we recommend, ensuring that our advice is in your best interests.

As in other aspects of life, there is seldom one perfect solution. Deciding on the best way to hold your assets can be stressful, emotional and confusing. Will the recommended solution stand the test of time?

There is no leap of faith necessary when partnering with HFMC. We will discuss and agree your priorities and your longer-term goals. These may be planning for your retirement, preserving your wealth for future generations or consolidating your assets into one overarching solution. To make an informed decision we will discuss asset protection, access, growth expectations and tax efficiencies.

We will typically consider a number of options and the pros and cons of each will be discussed with you. After discussion and consideration, we will recommend what works best for you.  Your ownership structure and investment solution will have a solid foundation – a structure with integrity that is both stable and flexible to adapt to changing circumstances.

We are able to work with your own or our preferred legal and tax advisers as appropriate.

Implementation, monitoring and review

We believe that our greatest value to you is in the ongoing advice that we provide.  Whilst it would help enormously if the world was predictable, it simply isn’t, and today’s beliefs have a habit of changing.  Our dedicated client teams works hard to ensure that you are kept up to date in a way and a frequency that is suits you.  We request that at least annually that we have a more formal review meeting so that we can ensure that your strategy and your existing investments remain suitable for you.

We believe that the best advice grows out of long-term relationships and our aim is to support you and your wider family across the different stages of your life.