International Planning

Many individuals, families and Trustees have international interests which require careful, coordinated management. Our clients include those who:

• Currently live or are planning for a life overseas, either full or part time
• Are returning to the UK after a period of non-residency
• Are non-UK domiciled and currently reside in the UK
• Are a Trustee or beneficiary of an overseas settlement
• Have international business or personal interests (including international pension arrangements and employee benefit trusts)
• Have tax reporting requirements in non-UK jurisdictions, including those who have a US filing obligation.

For all of these, our specialist international division will provide a holistic approach to wealth management, coordinating the financial planning, asset allocation and administration aspects. Our asset management division can custody and administer portfolios offshore where appropriate, while our relationships with recognised specialists in the fields of international law and taxation ensure that our clients’ arrangements are both tax efficient and fully compliant.