Some Positive Changes in the Air!

Jeremy Hoyland

Jeremy Hoyland

Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the Autumn edition of the Wire. This edition comes after our promising summer turned a little wet, the Lionesses achieved a very respectable second place in the women’s World Cup and some gold medals came our way at the World Athletic Championships. As the leaves begin to change colour and the kids return to school, we have also embraced some significant, positive changes at HFMC Wealth.

We are proud to announce our second partnership of 2023. Following on from our merger with R&S Associates Financial Planning Ltd in January, we at the end of June have also joined up with the fantastic team and clients of Weston Cummins Ltd.

This sees all Weston Cummins client-facing staff being retained and the existing team continuing to look after their client relationships as before, on a long term basis. Weston Cummins holds Corporate Chartered Planning Firm status, as it was important to everyone that the values and professional standards that are associated with this status, shared by HFMC Wealth, would be maintained.

Weston Cummins advises some 265 high net worth families and adds circa £350mn of assets under advice to the care of the HFMC Wealth Group. The clients and culture of the firm marries perfectly with HFMC Wealth’s long standing client service proposition for High Net Worth families and their particular financial planning and investment needs.

This now means that together, HFMC Wealth looks after over £2billion of assets either under advice or influence on behalf of its clients.

We would like to welcome the Weston Cummins clients who are receiving this as their first edition of the Wire. The Wire is our magazine style publication that goes out quarterly which covers a range of wealth and financial planning subjects as well as interesting and relevant news and lifestyle articles.

In this edition…

This quarter we again have a mix of financial and non-financial topics for you. In this edition we put a spotlight on Inheritance Tax. Luis Amato looks at how to pass on your wealth effectively in the light of the £7.1bn in Inheritance tax receipts from 2022/23. In the same vein, Darren Berry considers The Times speculation whether Inheritance Tax often referred to “Britain’s most-hated tax” is set to be abolished and what that could mean for you.

Another big life change that is sadly increasing over time is the divorce rate with 41% of couples married in 1996 divorcing before their silver wedding anniversary according to a new Office for National Statistics figure. Sebastian Gladwish in his article looks into how financial planning can provide peace of mind during one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life.

Complimenting this Philip Chandler delves into how emotion can affect your financial decisions and how to reduce the impact of these biases when making these decisions.

Finally with the International Day of Charity fast approaching and with the cost of living crisis having a significant impact on charities our new people manager, Joanna Jenkins looks at the different ways in which you can provide support to your charities of choice. Whether this be as simple as adding gift aid to your regular donation or by becoming more involved, simple actions can add so much value to a charity.

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