The Wire: Spring 2021 – Welcome to the Spring edition of the Wire – Optimism for the Future

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Welcome to the Spring edition of the Wire – Optimism for the Future

Welcome to the first edition of the Wire in 2021. 

As the world searches for answers about how our lives will reshape to optimise a future which in many ways will differ from the past, I remain both enthused and energised that the vibrancy and creativity of the human spirit will without doubt, build a future that is even bigger and better than the past. Some old industries may be failing, but others are reinventing themselves and new ones are rising just as quickly, “creative destruction” as described by economist Joseph Schumpeter back in 1942. 

I write at a time when lockdown restrictions are still in full force in the UK and new strains of COVID have been and are continuing to be discovered. COVID is stealing the headlines; it’s true to say we also face challenges over trade and services with Europe following Brexit, climate change as an omnipresent huge global issue and geopolitical tensions abound, especially over relations between China and the western world. 

The discovery of new strains of COVID is perhaps capping our optimism around the speed of emerging from lockdown over the coming months, but as vaccinations are now rapidly being rolled out in the UK, and across the world in due course, we can begin to see how a future of living and working alongside COVID in a managed way will unfold. The incredible combined focus of scientists, technology, private capital and governments I believe will ultimately ensure a rewarding new normal, and indeed glimpses of that are already emerging. 

“Back to the future” was a phrase we shared a little less than 12 months ago and that looks to be a journey already on its way, accepting that major challenges and dislocations will arise and that human creativity will no doubt need to continue to be deeply drawn upon over the coming months and years. 

At HFMC, we always aim to have each of you in mind when we are appraising the implications of these changes, translating complex and rapidly changing news flows to provide you with our best advice, both immediate and strategic, through our adviser teams and our publications. In this issue of the Wire, we have carefully produced articles relevant both to current events and to some other key aspects of financial planning. Topics include:

  • The top impacts around COVID and climate change as discussed at the World Economic Forum at the end of January 2021. 
  • What the forthcoming Budget of 3rd March may hold in store. 
  • Pointers on some actions to take before the fast-approaching end of tax year.
  • The risks of holding cash long term.
  • A useful perspective on pension planning. 
  • A case study on helping a client succeed with a major critical illness insurance claim.
  • A brief guide to non-executive directorships.


Growing to better serve you, our clients.

In February, Emma Clarke joined our growing investment team as an Investment Manager. Together with Finlay Holland who joined in the middle of last year, Emma coming on board will help ensure seamless continuity in our team as James Tuson takes over from Rob Pemberton, who is retiring after 14 amazing years with us. James and Rob, who have worked together for the last 13 years have also known Emma for the last 10 and are delighted to welcome her to the team. 

Emma is a highly experienced and award-winning fund selector with over a decade of experience in investment management. She has most recently been working as the Head of Fund Research at Beaufort Investment Management where, amongst other achievements, in 2020 she was nominated for the Money Marketing Best Discretionary Fund Manager and Citywire Regional Stars South East awards, as well as winning the Money Marketing Best Discretionary Fund Manager and PAM Top 40 Under 40 in 2019. 

We also welcome Paul Short as a Private Client Director and Glenys Gray in a Technical Assistant/Administrator role. Paul is a highly experienced Chartered financial adviser with a 40 year history of delivering complex retirement and wealth management solutions to HNW & UHNW clients, predominantly city executives and lawyers at London based Magic Circle firms. Paul and Glenys have worked together for over 25 years, both at Coutts and more recently at Deutsche Bank, and we are delighted that they have decided to join us. We extend a very warm welcome both to them and to their clients where we promise the very best of independent advice both for now and into the future.

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