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Jeremy Hoyland

Jeremy Hoyland


I have been reflecting of late that this edition of The Wire will mark four years since the start of the pandemic. Back then the lockdown restrictions were in full force and at the time I commented how enthused and energised I was that the vibrancy and creativity of the human spirit would in time build a future bigger and in many ways better than the past.

Whilst the news flows currently focus on the immense and tragic suffering in Russia/Ukraine and Israel and Gaza, people nevertheless continue to adapt with amazing pace, be it WFH, redirecting global energy supply sources, developing transformative technology to name but a few. We expect to see changes to the political landscape too in 2024 with the US election whilst in January, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he had expected to call the election “in the second half” of 2024. The last date that parliament can be dissolved for a general election is 17 December 2024.

Whilst all of these factors have played and will play a part in each of our lives, the financial markets don’t necessarily respond the way we might think. As your financial advisors it is our role to help you navigate your way through an ever-changing world, helping you remain on track in achieving your fundamental financial goals and staying informed. This issue sees Mark Creed consider what the year or elections could mean for markets, whilst Ed Wilby considers why 2024 is the year that you are likely to pay more tax, possibly despite the 6 March Spring Budget, a crucial milestone in the run-up to the general election. This issue also sees us reflect on Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) to help diversify your portfolio and the abolition of the pension Lifetime Allowance (but not all of the associated complexity), there should be something in this issue for everyone.

Lastly, we are delighted to say that Eli Kosiner, our Head of Mortgages, and all of the mortgage team, have continued to go the extra mile for our clients, with a flurry of testimonials being received. As the mortgage market begins to again be competitive with the expectation of falling interest rates in the short to medium term, be sure to have updated your phone book with Eli’s details, (07495 477162 / eli.kosiner@hfmcwealth.com). Eli also has brought additional capability for us beyond residential mortgages and into development and bridging finance.

So no matter what may be on the horizon and whilst we cannot know the unknown, we can visualise future scenarios and we can prepare for the unexpected. I do hope you all enjoy the issue, and please do reach out to your adviser if you have any questions. We are here, as we have been now for 38 years, to help you manage your financial life, no matter what life may throw at you.

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