The Wire: Summer 2020 – Welcome to the Summer edition of The Wire

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Welcome to the Summer edition of The Wire 

Well, what an unexpected few months we have had since the last issue of The Wire.

I hope you know that, as a firm, we are motivated by the single core value of doing what’s right by you, our clients. It really was at the very heart of the firm I founded back in 1986 – and still is.

So, it’s easy for me to assure you that our priority remains your health and wellbeing, both financial and otherwise, while we also look after our colleagues here at HFMC Wealth and their families.

It’s now likely that we won’t return to our offices until much later in the year and the feedback from clients is that we’re operating perfectly well as a 100% home-based service. We’re keen to keep the primary focus on delivering the level of quality service you expect from us (albeit in a different way).

We’re also rapidly getting used to the new technology (and its many advantages) that we may not have embraced so readily without the current necessity.

It’s important to me that we respond intelligently and empathetically to the evolving present. Despite the mixed and uncertain wider news flow, I’m clear about what we are able to control and the importance of looking forward to the many opportunities the evolving situation presents.

We’re focused on enhancing the best of the new lessons and methodologies learned in terms of engaging with you. For example, in these fast-moving times we’re sending out more email bulletins, be they on markets through our i-Wire, or on planning and tax matters through our Insights, to ensure you have relevant information quickly when you’re ready to discuss your own circumstances with your adviser and their teams. Please do take a look.

Also, with regard to client assets, we’re assessing how the world generally is adapting, and making a number of portfolio changes that you will hear about from our asset management team.

I have to say that, despite our deep concerns around health and the economy, and not forgetting the individual tragedies happening around us, we are excited by the extra momentum created in terms of developing HFMC Wealth as a business capable of meeting the long-term needs of our clients. We have fantastic, responsive, generous, and engaged clients and an incredible team aligned to work together for a mutually successful future.

I’ve no doubt these extraordinary circumstances will hugely enhance the way we will operate over the longer-term, not only as we emerge from tight lockdown, but also over the next 12 or 24 months as the world eventually moves on from or adjusts to the pandemic. It’s often been said “never waste a crisis” and we have no intention of doing so.

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